The Best E-Mail Security & Spam Filter Service by Barracuda

Recently our old mail filtering product Maxfocus that we sold & managed for our portfolio of clients came to the end of its service. We had to look for a new email antispam filtering & security service that was the best for both our clients and for us to manage and troubleshoot any issues. We tested a number of products and also researched many products through peer reviews. The products were good but none seemed to exactly fit the bill and with over 10 years experience filtering mails for our clients we had an exact criteria that had to be matched. After a thorough run through with a barracuda tech support engineer we found our product. Our Barracuda Advanced Mail Filtering service was tes

A Proactive Approach To Protecting Your Organisation From Cyber-Criminals

Faceless gangs of criminals from all over the world may already have you in their sights. Organised criminals are now turning to cyber-crime as they shift from their traditional criminal activities. By operating outside a country's jurisdiction, higher monetary rewards, reduced risk of getting caught, lack of extradition agreements, access to mule bank accounts has lead to an exponential growth in cyber crime and online fraud. These gangs are now targeting charities and the voluntary sector. A recent despicable incident at our local hospice @buryhospice was defrauded out of £250,000. These attacks make me angry and this is why are happy to offer advice to charities and voluntary organisati

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