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Businesses in Manchester Trust for Ransomware Protection

In May 2017 the WannaCry Ransomware attacks almost brought the NHS to its knees.

Nationally malware costs businesses millions each year and have closed lots of businesses down permanently who couldn't retrieve their data quickly.

The threats are out there and getting more prevalent as criminals see cyber crime as a more rewarding, less risky opportunity to make vast amounts of money.

The threat is getting worse. There are new vulnerabilities being discovered daily making it possible to build and deploy new undetectable strains of ransomware with the click of a mouse.

Is your business prepared for a malware / ransomware attack? Layered security protection is the only way to prevent attack.

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  • managed enterprise security services provide best in class antivirus, antimalware, antispam and email protection services to businesses in Manchester. Malwarebytes, BitDefender and Barracuda provide the best protection to keep your business secure any time of the day or night.

  • 24x7 Email protection with full logging and reporting helping Protect your emails from delivering malware / ransomware directly into your organisation.

  • Software Updates - Proactive patching and updating of all your software and applications to close vulnerabilities

  • Correctly configured firewalls prevent unauthorised access to your networks.

  • Data Recovery Solutions - Disaster recovery and data backup solutions help guarantee network uptime and business continuity if ransomware or other malware should strike

  • Client Education - Education is key to helping our clients understand the latest in network security best practices and minimizing human error. Strict procedures should be put in place to prevent fraudulent payments.

  • work closely with Action Fraud to report any and all phishing attempts. We also publicise current fraud threats through our twitter account @linkedupcomms

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