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Office IT Relocations in  Manchester 

We Plan Your Stress Free Successful Move


Relocating to a new office can be a stressful and daunting time. Lets be honest without any internet connectivity at your new office you're going to struggle having a successful IT relocation in Manchester. 

Getting the timings right, installer flexibility and excellent relationships with key partners (internet service providers) are required. Here at we have been helping businesses move their IT equipment successfully for a number of years now.

As an end to end solution provider we provide business grade internet connectiivty (ADSL, FTTC, FTTB or leased lines including wireless leased lines with vastly reduced install lead times <28 days). We also offer enterprise class (Voice Over IP) VOIP systems setup and configured extremely quickly.

Our most impressive feature is our installation team's flexibility to work any time weekends, evenings, early mornings to get the job complete on time, on budget, no worries.

On the day of the move all IT equipment is closed down correctly prior to the move and once at the new site, all the equipment is setup inc printers etc, and fully tested before we sign off the job.

We have also acted as an onsite backup to a large printing firm moving machinery from building to building and requiring us to be there just in case everything didn't go to plan.

Services: Server Room Planning, Data Cable Installations, Data Cabinet Relocations, Network Infrastructure, Wireless Access Point Installations, Wireless Building to Building links.

Whatever it is you need we can help.

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