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The Best E-Mail Security & Spam Filter Service by Barracuda

Laptop (stock image) Spam Filter Service

Recently our old mail filtering product Maxfocus that we sold & managed for our portfolio of clients came to the end of its service.

We had to look for a new email antispam filtering & security service that was the best for both our clients and for us to manage and troubleshoot any issues.

We tested a number of products and also researched many products through peer reviews. The products were good but none seemed to exactly fit the bill and with over 10 years experience filtering mails for our clients we had an exact criteria that had to be matched.

After a thorough run through with a barracuda tech support engineer we found our product. Our Barracuda Advanced Mail Filtering service was tested and was perfect in each and every way.

This service is provided via the cloud ensuring only emails that have been passed make it to your mail server.

The overview screen allows you to see where the majority of your mails are coming from around the world. Email continuity is included in the package should your mail server got down. Very granular settings regarding the protection from spam, viruses and malware. A large number of reports are also available which can display who is receiving the most email, most spam, what countries send the most spam etc.

The message delivery log is perhaps the most important feature that we use. This allows us to quickly and easily see whats getting allowed through, whats getting blocked and more importantly why its getting blocked.

There really are too many features to extol how good this service is. We offer this fully managed service at a very affordable cost. If you would like to get some further info regarding this product, please don't hesitate to get in touch on 01613272969 or

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