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Draytek SmartVPN Client Vs Windows VPN Client - which is best?

As Windows 7 disappears into the sunset (best operating system yet). Microsoft decided that with Windows 10 it would change its VPN client.

Lets just get this out of the way though, the Windows 7 VPN client wasn't broken so I'm not sure why they decided to fix it. The issues that have encountered include connectivity issues, reliability issues and missing features.

The biggest annoyance was the missing auto-reconnect feature. Previously if the VPN connection dropped (which does happen) the VPN would automatically reconnect and happy days nobody notices.

Windows 10 came along and completely removed this feature. This meant each time the VPN dropped the user would firstly find out when trying to access a network resource and then have to reconnect. This doesn't sound too bad, but when you have tasks to complete these disruptions can really impact on your day.

We were also noticing that at times it was almost impossible to connect a client to a business network. This issue was very intermittent and caused many support headaches.

As some clients are using Draytek routers, we decided to try the free Draytek SmartVPN client software downloaded directly from

Draytek Smart VPN Client

What a breath of fresh air. Easy to setup and lots of different configurable options. This included the return of autore-connect after a configurable delay minimum 1 second and how many times it should retry to connect. The connectivity issues also seemed to have

disappeared. The client seems to connect first time, every time.

So we now have a working configurable VPN client that best of all, just WORKS....

Microsoft please take note some work needs to be done on your VPN client, take a look athe Draytek client and see how it can be done.

Draytek Smart VPN Client

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