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Corona Virus Manchester 2020 Simple Steps To Help Make Your Business More Resilient

Corona Virus Manchester 2020 Simple Steps To Help Make Your Business More Resilient

Corona Virus Manchester Protect Your Buisness LinkedUp Communications Ltd

The Corona Virus has arrived in Greater Manchester and for the foreseeable future isn’t going away anytime soon. The fact is, sometime soon the Corona Virus will have a negative impact on your business.

Whether it’s schools closing, childcare issues for staff, enforced quarantine, staff members off ill and it’s deemed necessary to deep clean your premises. You may work in a multi tenanted site that gets closed for a period of time.

Preparing your business now will vastly improve your chances of your business surviving any disruption. Small businesses are often the first to suffer the most as they may not have the resources available or may not have been advised on what sort of solutions can be put in place and how low the cost might be.

Most businesses rely on three important factors.

Access to a server – providing access to files, applications and shared resources etc.

Reliable access to email systems.

Access to communications. Being able to contact and be contacted at any time from wherever you are in the world.

LinkedUp Communications can help mitigate the effects of the Corona Virus on your business in Greater Manchester during this turbulent period.

Linkedup Communications provide low cost advanced VOIP telephone systems to businesses in Manchester and Greater Manchester.

Our VOIP system can be configured and working within minutes allowing effective collaboration even whilst employees are working from home.

The advanced features that our VOIP telephone systems include are; auto attendant, call groups, call queues (never miss a call), central voicemail, hunt groups, hold music, call recording, call monitoring, host your own call conferencing, inter company calls all free, individual DDIS to give everyone their own unique telephone number or can present company main number, virtual extension an app for an employee phone.

To say the days of the legacy phone systems with their expensive parts and service contracts are well and truly over is an understatement. There are no large complex systems to purchase or maintain, as this is all included in the low monthly cost.

Employees can either take an IP phone home or use the virtual smartphone app. The phone system acts as the same whether all the phones are in the office or all the phones are in employees homes, there’s no difference whatsoever. Calls can be routed across multiple phones as if everyone was in the office and can easily be transferred. Once their phone is plugged in to their router that’s it, they’re connected. It really is that simple.

Secure and effective VPN connectivity to connect your employees to work from their home PC. This will either allow access of files, folders, applications or we can setup a secure remote desktop so they can access their work pc’s and also avoid any software licensing issues.

We provide many other services that can protect your business and make your IT systems more efficient and reliable. Our retention rate has been over 99%. We have been supporting the same clients for the past 10 years and provide support above and beyond many other IT support companies based in Manchester.

Drop us an email or get in touch with us to arrange a sensible chat without any pushy salespeople being involved overselling services that you don’t need. We can keep it as simple or complex as you like. It’s your business we will guide you to get the best ROI and support.

Darren Burgess Owner / MD

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